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Pupil Premium spending Foxhole Learning Academy


What is the purpose of the Pupil Premium and how do we benefit as a school?


The Pupil Premium is a grant that schools receive from central government which is to be used for the purpose of improving the achievement and life chances of disadvantaged pupils. We know from national data that this group of pupils underachieves at every stage from 5 to 16 years when compared with other pupils.


The aim of this document is to show you how we are spending the grant in ways that will help to ensure that disadvantaged pupils fulfil their potential and do at least as well as their non-disadvantaged peers with similar starting points.


How much funding do we receive and how is this worked out?


For the current year - 2016-17 - we have received a total of £54,120


We have received this amount because of our pupils are eligible for Pupil premium funding at £1,320 per pupil.


To attract Pupil Premium funding children must have been registered by their parents or carers for free school meals at any point in the last six years. At present 42 % of our children attract pupil premium funding (41 of a population of 97) which is well above the national average.


In addition, looked after children attract an enhanced pupil premium of £1900 per pupil.


If you think that your child might be eligible for free school meals, please do not hesitate to contact us because this could bring additional funding into our school which can be used to provide valuable support. Rest assured that we will deal with any queries in the strictest confidence, and we can also provide help with filling in forms if required contact the school office.


What are we spending our money on in 2016-17 and why?


We do not think it is right or just that any pupil underachieves because they happen to be born into a less wealthy family. We therefore aim to use our pupil premium grant to ensure that disadvantaged children have the same support and opportunities as other pupils and consequently do at least as well as them. We have thought very hard about how to spend our money this year so that it has the maximum impact on the learning and progress of the children it is intended to support: 

Review of Pupil Premium actions and spending 2015-2016