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If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below. 

To apply for a place at Foxhole Learning Academy please go to the schools admissions link below. All applications must go through the County system. All parents are advised to read the Local Authority booklet for parents on Reception Class and Primary School Admissions. For further information, please contact either:

  • School Admissions Team, New County Hall, Truro, TR1 3AY

Tel: 0300 1234 101


Website: or

  • The Learning Academy Trust

01637 303110

Admissions Policy 2018/2019 and 2019/2020


DfE Number


School Contact Details

Foxhole Learning Academy

Beacon Road


PL26 7UQ

Tel: 01726 822416

School Type and Age Range (and Specialism for Secondary Schools only)

Academy 4-11

2015 PAN


2016 PAN


2017 PAN

2018 PAN




Oversubscription Criteria

1.       1-Looked after children and previously looked after children who left care under a child arrangement order or special guardianship order.  All children adopted from care who are of compulsory school age (see Note 1).


2.       Children who have a sibling (see Note 2) attending Foxhole Learning Academy at the time of application and who will still have a sibling attending the Academy, at the proposed date of admission.


3.       Children of staff who are in the paid employment of The Learning Academy Trust for at least 2 years.


4-All other children (by distance) as determined by Capita One and supported by Cornwall Council’s nominated Geographical Information System (currently Data Map). 

Deferred Entry Policy